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Congratulations to DRK company join in the 21st Yongkang Hardware Fair and successfully held TV Artists Press Conference

Author : Mary Cao Date : 10/3/2016 5:43:04 AM
 September 26, 2016, is a special day, the  DRK company to participate in the 21st Yongkang Hardware Fair, but also DRK  film and television culture and cultural company in jointly with the  Zhejiang Dezhe film and television culture company who organized large-scale TV series: Carpenter's stick Press conference.

The meeting invited the heavyweight star: the national first-level actor Wang Xiaohong, starring: graduated from the Central Academy of Drama Dai Yue and handsome Yang Jin.

One of the production side of the TV drama is the DRK Chairman: Cao Guiyuan, he is from Lanxi, Jinhua elements in the drama throughout the play, can be said that a Jinhua people say "Jinhua story" TV series, the story has a lot of his personal experience.

This exhibition not only allow more people to understand the culture of DRK, but also allow more people of insight to join our team. 

At the same time, the DRK company has also set up a training school for the disabled,mainly to train people with disabilities across the country,to provide them with learning,employment opportunities.

DRK now has set up five companies:

Guangzhou DRK Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Co
Guangzhou DRK mechanical and electrical training schools
Guangzhou  DRK film and television culture Communications Limited
Zhejiang craftsmen  Dezhe film culture Communications Limited
Jinshuai Industrial Int'l Limited